Conference At AUB

The Michel Chiha Foundation organised in 2001 a two day conference at AUB on the theme : The Lebanese System : A Critical Reassessment.

Full Publications

  • Invitation
  • Program of the event
  • Event poster
  • Press release - Al Nahar
  • Ghassan Salamé - Opening speech
  • Fares Sassine - "The Evolution of the Lebanese Idea"
  • Adnan El Amine - "Education, Youth and Civic Awareness"
  • Kamal Hamdan - "Lebanon's Post-war Economic Experience: Constraints and Opportunities"
  • Fawaz A. Gerges - Lebanon in Arab and World Politics
  • Makram Sader - The Lebanese Economy - Deficiencies and Remedies
  • Camille Aboussouan - Politics, Society and Confessionalism
  • Joe Issa El Khoury - Introduction to the second session
  • Chibli Mallat - Constitutionalism in Lebanon: continuities and discrepancies
  • Toufic Gaspard - Lebanon's economic performance since independence
  • Elizabeth Picard - Le système consociatif est-il réformable?
  • Reinoud Leenders - 1Public Means to Private Ends: State Building and Power in Post-War Lebanon
  • Samir Kassir - Le Liban et le processus de paix: d'une situation de non-guerre à une situation de non-paix
  • Melhem Chaoul - L'hybride reproducteur - Le social et le politique au Liban
  • Fawwaz Traboulsi - "The Lebanese System Revisited"