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“Lebanon’s geographic location and trading history dictate the need for three basic premises in terms of its Economic Policy: a strong and stable currency, advantageous trading facilities and low taxes. Lebanon is a nation where everything relies on balance and moderation…”

…“New industries are about to develop in Lebanon such as cement and hydro-electric production. We hope these thrive and bring with them an improvement in our economic outlook. The country can no longer only rely on the service industry and must develop a manufacturing industry. It is the duty of the State to promote this by all the means at its disposal and with the full force of its authority…”

…“At least three-quarters of Lebanon’s water resources end up in the sea, an insane extravagance! Even though we need every drop, all our natural spring and river water is allowed to drain away. We have water and yet our agricultural land is parched. In the immediate future, we must commit ourselves to building projects and nothing else. Forty million Francs worth of irrigation projects could bring this country an added forty million Francs of income every year. For far too long our farmers have barely subsisted, development has been set aside at times of extreme hardship and the country has fallen back to subsistence levels. We must now build for the future. It would be unforgivable to do anything else…”

M.C., Le Jour,  April 10th, 1947.

…“History, evidence, and the fact all show that even a moderate version of a tightly controlled economic system is not a rational option for Lebanon…”

The period of illusions, M.C., Le Jour,  October 2nd, 1948.








Full Publications

  • La pensée économique de Michel Chiha: « Variations sur le thème de la Liberté ». (Article publié dans la revue Travaux et Jours, Beyrouth, no 86, 2012. Les auteurs, Rayan HAYKAL et Nizar HARIRI, sont maîtres de conférences à la Faculté de Sciences Economiques de l’Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth.