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International Recognition

…“Today, after four years of independence and a unique profile, Lebanon is applying for membership of the international community. Our success rests on making sure that we ourselves do not bring about any delay or rejection by reverting to a nation of mediocrity and unrest through sheer laziness or failing in our vigilance and determination…”

On this November day, M.C., Le Jour, November 22nd, 1947.



When asked about France’s position in Syria and in Lebanon, General De Gaulle stated on January 25th, 1945:

“Age-old difficulties are always at the root of new difficulties and in this case the situation is particularly delicate. This is the Orient. Even though everyone knows that France was the first to recognise the independence of Syria and Lebanon, our intentions are often questioned by outside interference” (General De Gaulle)”.

Le Monde, January 26th, 1945.



“The British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Eden, informed the House of Commons that the sovereignty and independence of both Syria and of Lebanon had been recognised by fourteen nations”.

Le Figaro, January 19th, 1945.


The United States of America

…“The recognition of Lebanon by the United States of America is a particularly moving event. This great country, one of the biggest in the world, has granted its unconditional acquiescence to our independence. It has accepted our legitimacy and the right for such a small country to enjoy the same privileges as any other free nation. This act will deeply affect thousands of Lebanese in every corner of the world but particularly those who found refuge under the stars and banner whilst waiting to dedicate themselves to their own flag…”

America and us, M.C., Le Jour, November 18th, 1944.


…“We have been recognised by China. What an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. From Chungking on the Yangtze River, Chiang Kai-shek announced his recognition of Lebanese independence. We are overly delighted. Reuters got hold of the news last night and has been broadcasting it worldwide. The news will have an effect everywhere abroad. How can the Lebanese people not be touched by such a gracious gesture by the leader of Free China? From the Silk Road and the overland caravans China is famous for its bronze, its porcelain, its jade, its ebony, its ivory and for its gold embroidered cloth. Now a further concept of the country has been acquired, a concept as impressive as the greatest of its artistic splendours and which will no doubt have us re-reading Confucius with a more serious eye. We will even assume that we will be recognised everywhere after such an impressive step. And why not? Are we not already established abroad in a number of Republics and Kingdoms? On a map we are negligible compared to China, only a small fraction of their territory. It goes to show that size is not what counts. What does count is the caliber of men and their rights. Without endowing ourselves with more importance than we deserve, let us say simply that notice has been taken of us and not merely by our cousins and our neighbours…”

Recognition from the East, M.C., Le Jour, May 2nd, 1944.



The USSR intends to recognise the Lebanese Republic

…“When it comes to the USSR we are the Earth to their Jupiter. In other word even though we might think highly of ourselves we don’t reach even a small fraction of Russia’s size. However, time and size don’t affect anything. Like other mammoth empires, the fact that Russia has turned its attention to Lebanon, that it has recognised the nation (just as it recognised our neighbour Syria), that it has taken stock our size and location from the distant confines of the Russian Caucasus is a sign of the times…”

A milestone, M.C., Le Jour, July 31st, 1944.