Inter Scholar Competition 2017

Since its creation in 1954, the Michel Chiha Foundation’s mission is to spread Chiha’s thoughts and writings.

In order to acquaint the new generations with Chiha’s conception of Lebanon and in order to revive the memory of our past, the Foundation organises an inter scholar competition for students of Seconde, Première, and Terminale.

In 2016, 220 students from 30 schools participated in the competition.

The Michel Chiha Foundation hosted its 2017 nationwide inter-scholar competition on Saturday, March 4th at the Bristol Hotel, Beirut.

The theme for 2017 was the following:

“But if our strength lies in freedom and tolerance, our weakness lies in individualism which makes discipline useless and collective enterprises so laborious and easily spoiled. This is the other side of the picture.” Lebanon at home and broad

The award ceremony was held at the Bristol Hotel, Beirut on Saturday, May 13th, 2017. This year 215 students participated in the competition from 35 different schools across the country. For the first time this year, public schools were among the participating institutions.

Watch the video of the award ceremony here

Here are the 2017 recipients of the Michel Chiha inter scholar competition award:

In Arabic:
1st prize: Mayssa Nabil Beydoun, Ecole publique secondaire Bazouriyah
2nd prize: Nour Harmouche, Collège Notre-Dame de Nazareth
2nd prize: Rita Natalia Tony Assaf, St Elie Darb Es Sim
3rd prize: Nour Jamal Yassine, Ecole publique secondaire Katermaya
3rd prize: Hadi Mahmoud Madi, Ecole publique secondaire Bazouriyah

In French:
1st prize: Raymond Diab, Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour
2nd prize: Roa Barrage, Collège Protestant Français
3rd prize: Georges Abi Younes, Collège Mont la Salle

In English:
2nd prize: Hanadi Hawilo, Rafic Hariri Senior School Dohat Choueifat


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